How to Apply Online Driving License Form In Nepal

How to Apply Online Driving License Form In Nepal

Today, we will apply for an online driving license form in Nepal. We can apply for a driving license online. It is much easier than in earlier days. System improvements have made the process easier. A few years back most people were facing problems in going through the government administration process to fill out the license form for vehicles.

Now, with the passage of time, the process and methods of filling out your license form have also changed. It was difficult to fill in a long queue of people to fill a page full of forms that opened only a few times a year. In the online process also there was quota system in filling out the application form for driving license registration. But now, you will not have any trouble filling out the form anytime from anywhere.

The online world not only changes the way we communicate but also makes our daily lives easier. I am explaining here how to fill online driving license form. Online license form has really saved our valuable time which can be used in other more productive work. Take a look and follow the steps accordingly. The steps may be slightly different from the steps you are following as it is based on the steps the author takes to fill out his license form. Hope the change will not be that big.

Things to be considered before Processing for Online Driving License Form Registration in Nepal

Before starting the online driving license form registration in Nepal, you need to know the following facts.

  1. The form can be filled out at any time of the day and any day of the week (24 hours / 7 days).
  2. However, filling the registration success if the quota is available.
  3. A maximum quota is allotted per week. That means if the quota is exhausted then next week when the new quota will be activated then you can fill it for registration.
  4. Re-registration will be allowed 15 days after the expiry of the appointment data provided by the office.
  5. In case of failure in the examination, re-registration will be allowed after 90 days.
  6. Application and license status can be checked through the link on “Online Driving License Registration” through the ‘Check Status’ button on the page.
  7. To know the result of the written test you need to send an SMS with WT<space> <applicant id> and send it to 33001.
  8. Applicant ID can be obtained after your biometric test.
  9. To know whether the SMART license is printed or not, you need to send an SMS with LC <space> <Applicant ID> and send it to 33001.

Online Driving License registration criteria

Process of Getting Driving License in Nepal

Getting a driving license in Nepal has become more systematic these days. The government of Nepal distributes driving licenses in all 77 districts of Nepal. There are several categories of driving licenses, with sub-types from A to K, but the most useful categories for personal use are ‘A’ (for both motorcycles and scooters), ‘B’ (light four-wheeled vehicles), and ‘B’ (for both motorcycles and scooters). K’ (scooter). You can also apply for both categories A and B.

Once a driving license is issued in Nepal, it is only valid for five years. Thereafter the license holder has to renew the license to continue. Here, we have step-by-step guidelines for you to apply for and obtain a driving license in Nepal.

  1. Registration
    • Online Application Form
    • In-Person Form Fill-up
  2. Form Submission Transport Management Office
  3. Written Test/Exam
  4. Driving Skill Test (Trial)
  5. Getting the Smart Driving License Card
  6. How To Fill Online Driving Licence Form?

List of Vehicles For Online Driving License Form Registration Available

There are many vehicles driving license online application form registration available. You must select one or more of the following vehicles to be included in your Smart Driving License:

  • A-Motorcycle, Scooter, Moped
  • B-Car, Jeep, Delivery Van
  • C-Tempo, Autorickshaw
  • C1-ERickshaw
  • D-Power tiller
  • E-Tractor, Trailer Tractor (Low Bed)
  • H-Road Toller, Dozer
  • H1-DOZER
  • I-Crane, Fire brigade, Loader
  • J5-Other
  • K-Scooter, Moped

How to fill Online Driving License Form

The online registration system for a Driving License in Nepal makes it very easy to enroll your application in a fast and efficient manner. The system is also hassle-free with no need to stand in long queues to register the driving license application. Smart Driving License in Nepal will also manage the past record of driving license, so it can be very useful for traffic managers to track the status of the license holders.

The online system is also helping the government offices to increase paperless governance. However, the system has encountered several technical problems since December 18, 2015, when it was first launched; Let’s welcome the online driving license application system for betterment and management of the license system in Nepal.

To fill Online Driving License Form in Nepal you have to follow these simple easy steps:

Step 1: Go To the Official site of the Transport Department

To apply for a new driving license you need to visit the official site of the Department of Transport (DoT) i.e. where you will see the link “Apply for New Driving License Application Form”. , Or go directly to

Step 2: Click on online registration and Fill in Citizenship Details

When you go to the “Online Registration” tab you start filling out the form for your driving license. This is the initial step to start filling the license form: In the first box, select your country (obviously Nepal for Nepali citizens). In the second box, select the license type you wish to apply for (use the dropdown arrow). ‘New Category‘ for those who will have a license for the first time. ‘Add Category‘ for those who already have a license and want to add a license to another category. Then, click ‘Proceed‘.

Step 3: Fill in demographic details, address details, and exam details

Then display the main form where you have to give your personal details, address, and category / for which you are applying.

  • You can enter your first name, last name, and middle name (if you have one) as per your citizenship card.
  • Before filling your age you have to enter your date of birth (DOB) first either B.S. or A.D. Then hover the arrow over the age field which will be automatically filled. The date of birth can be entered by clicking next to the calendar logo, entering the year, and selecting the month and date.
  • Similarly, you will need to fill in other blanks including gender, education, blood group, and occupation.
  • The citizenship number and the citizenship issue district should be mentioned. Other boxes to fill are optional.
  • Witnesses must include first name, middle name (optional), and last name in relation to father, mother, or husband.
  • Trainer Name and Trainer License Number fields are optional to be filled for ordinary two-wheelers

Your address details should be given. A permanent address should be given as per your citizenship address. While filling in your address you should first select your zone, then your district, then village (or municipality), ward number, and toll along with your mobile number. Other details are optional to fill in-office contact number and email id.

If the temporary address is the same as your permanent address, you can click the checkbox next to ‘SAME AS PERMANENT‘. If you are at a place other than the one mentioned on your citizenship card, you will have to fill it out as per the above steps.

You have to select the category of license you are applying for. ‘A’ for ‘motorcycle’, ‘B’ for ‘car’ and ‘K’ for ‘scooter’. You are nearing the end of your form. Now, you have to select the region in which you are applying for the new license and then select the license issuing region after filling the previous box. You may be asked to fill in the captcha. Letter or symbol image will be given you have to type it on the field. Then you can submit the form.

Step 4: Confirm your registration

You ask ‘Are you sure to continue?’ On the pop-up that says, click ‘OK‘. Then it provides your registration details. Check if there is an error in any of the details provided. If an error is found, correct it. At the end of ‘Registration Details‘ – Click on Save Details if you have already done so. ‘Edit details‘ if necessary.

If the Transport Department does not accept the form then the form will not be submitted You must understand that the online form is out of quota for that current day or week and you will be redirected to the initial demographic form details. If this form is submitted you will be informed that ‘Your application is successfully registered’ and also provide your details and date to go to the Zonal Transport Office.

Step 5: Print Out Details

Click ‘Print‘ to get a full page that you should take with you on your way to the Regional Transport Office. The page which you have to keep downloading from the site and take while visiting the Zonal Transportation Office (probably during the written test). The page will be as shown below.

Read the note given at the end of the page. It mentions the item that you have to take with you while visiting the Regional Transport Office. For motorcycles and scooters, you don’t need a training certificate, but others are with you, as mentioned.

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