Imginn: Instagram Viewer & Downloader [ The ultimate Guide]


Imginn is a website that allows people to visit any public profile anonymously. Users will not be able to know that their profile has been visited by unknown persons. Most of us were following some Instagram influencers who were famous or popular and we wanted to get their photos, stories, and images to be stored on our mobile phones or on our computers. But we can’t do it because not all the Instagram videos or image downloaders were providing us to download all the stuff on Instagram at one place that’s the only reason we had found imginn.

The team behind the photo-sharing service recently made it more difficult to access and view Instagram without logging in. However, there are some steps you can still take if you want to lurk without signing in or even registering for an Instagram account. Here’s how to use Instagram without an account.

When you try to view Instagram content, you will now be met with a login page. One reason for this change is to increase the number of active Instagram users with accounts. It will also increase your exposure to ads, which helps fund the service and keep it free for its users. One way to access Instagram content without logging in is to use a third-party service.

One popular third-party app for viewing public Instagram content is ImgInn, which you can access through your browser. This is an Instagram photo and stories downloader toll which is using Instagram API to fetch all Instagram IDs and then allows users to download stories, images, and videos of Instagram celebrities or stars whose accounts were public, or private were not.

Imginn is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Everyone is liking the dynamic feature of this app. However, those applications have some limitations that you need to consider beforehand.

What is Imginn?

Imginn is an online platform that allows the user to view and download data such as images and videos from Instagram anonymously. The best thing about this app is that users can use all its features and the person whose photos you are viewing and downloading will not have any idea about it.

There are some limitations to Imginn’s use but these little things don’t affect its vast capabilities. A user of Imginn may not like or share other people’s content on Instagram.

How does Imginn work?

Uses something called the Imginn API. Instagram has made its API public for the whole internet. Imginn uses Instagram’s public API to allow users to view and download stories and posts from other Instagram accounts. Imginn comes with a number of useful features that really come in handy when you use the app.

Later in this article, we will talk more about these features. But first, let us tell you about the use of this website. You might be thinking that this kind of website would be very difficult to use but you are wrong. this is easy.

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What are the Key Features of Imginn?

Now that we know how to use the website and its features, let us talk about all the features that this website has to provide to its users. Here is a brief list of the features offered by Imginn:

  1. Users can view and download anyone’s stories anonymously
  2. You can view Instagram account’s posts without knowing and can also download these posts
  3. All types of posts, whether photos or videos can be downloaded
  4. It also allows you to back up these posts (though you’ll have to do this yourself)

What is the limitations of Imginn?

First of all, if you expect Imginn to pursue a personal account for you, you are expecting too much from this website. It does not have the ability to view posts or stories from a private account. Its sole purpose is to view the stories, pictures, or videos posted by the public account. It does not allow its users to post or like anyone’s content whether it is videos or simple posts containing images.

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How to use Imginn?

Getting started with imginn is quite simple and easy. For users viewing any of the public profiles of Instagram models or celebrities. All you need to do is follow the easy steps mentioned below:

  1. open a web browser
  2. Enter “imginn” in the search bar of the browser
  3. You can also open google first and then search google for more convenience and optimized search results
  4. Open the first link ( after the ads, it will contain a URL of the Imginn website
  5. After the Imginn website is loaded, you will see a search bar on the site
  6. Type any Instagram public account whose stories and posts you want to see, and press Search.
  7. Their Instagram account will be in front of you, you can also view their stories anonymously.

What are the Best Alternatives to Imginn?

1 Glassgram

This website allows some obvious features that no one else does. It allows users to find out the GPS location of their respective Instagram account. It has many other features that can be used easily. For beginners and its new users, it allows them to access the basic features for free.

Besides that, it has all the other features that imginn offers, just a lot more.

2. Smihub

This website is also known for its countless features. Just like with Imginn, you can view someone’s Instagram story anonymously. You can also download photos and videos from Instagram accounts.

This website comes with many other useful features and that too for free. SmiHub also allows the user to increase the followers of your Instagram account. This too, for free.

3. QoobStories

This service is unlike any other. There are not many websites that come with the useful feature of viewing Instagram stories of a private account as well as a public account.

Like other platforms and websites, all you need to do is enter the username of the target Instagram account and Qoob Stories will cover all your needs when following an account.

4. Instalkr

Instalkr is a very convenient and easy-to-use website, especially for stalking purposes. They have all the useful features that a user would need from a website like this. Instalkr is free to use and users can access and use all of its features without paying any fees on the website.

Lastly, like any other site, all you need to do is enter the username of the person you want to follow and you will be able to do that with ease. It allows you to view someone’s Instagram stories for free without them knowing.

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People who want to use Instagram without an account usually want to maintain a level of privacy and the owner of the service doesn’t want Facebook to have access to any of their personal information. Some people want to minimize their social media usage, so not having an Instagram profile helps. However, they don’t want to limit it completely. Even though Instagram is allowing us to use some of its features by providing its public API, there’s still a lot Imginn can’t do. It can do a lot but there are some limitations to using this website.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is Imginn safe?

Since Imginn is a third-party website, we cannot say for sure. We do not guarantee your safety online and neither does Imginn if you are surfing this website and worry about your safety on the Internet.

imginn is a third-party website that uses Instagram’s public API to allow all of its features to work. It uses the official public API of Instagram but still, we are not sure about its security.

Q2. How to stay safe while using Imginn?

As is the case with all websites that are a potential threat to your online existence, we always recommend you to use a VPN. Use not just a simple VPN but a service that is known for its services.

You should always choose a good and reliable VPN because not only will you be surfing safely on Imginn, but you will also be rewarded with the most exclusive features that a good VPN has to offer.

Q3. Can Imginn Hack Your Data?

You are definitely vulnerable to getting hacked, depending on the usage. This is because they have a very low-security score when we review this site online using different tools.

Something really weird happens when you come to this website. All the details and information of their owner are missing from the website. There is no privacy policy, just a minimal UI that allows you to view Instagram profiles.

Imginn actually exists and is fully operational because it generates its revenue through ads. When you open this site, you will sometimes see some advertisements.

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