The Ultimate Guide to Mero Share: Benefits, Account Opening, IPO Application, Share Trading, and More


Mero Share is a software developed by CDS & Clearing Limited (CDSC) for providing the services that are provided by CDSC to investors in the Nepalese Capital Market. Mero Share can be used to Apply IPO, FPO, and Right Share directly online while staying at home. Meroshare provides the beneficiary the facility to view the share transaction information in their account online.

All you need to do is create your email address and your Demat account beneficiary number to use the Mero share facility. You can do all these things sitting at home by becoming a customer of Mero Share For all these facilities you have to pay only Rs. 50 per year

Nepal’s stock market has made great strides over the years. Investors no longer have to wait in line for hours to fill their shares and then get their money back. Similarly, there is no need to go to the share registrar to get the certificate of bonus and rights and a cash dividend.

What is Mero Share?

Mero Share is an online portal of CDSC (Central Depository System and Clearing Limited) which Provides details of share transactions with their Demat account. You can easily fill out the share form for IPO and apply for IPO/FPO shares online using Mero Share.

It offers you to transfer shares, view share details, portfolio, transaction history, pledged share details, check your IPO result, and much more online just at your home.

What benefits of Mero Share?

As per Central Depository Service Regulations 2068, (Second Amendment, 2073), CDSC has developed software called ‘MeroShare ‘ and provided it to all the depository members to enable the beneficiaries to view the transaction information in their account online. Customers will be able to availability the following benefits when using Meroshare application

  1. View the personal details of the beneficiary account holder
  2. View the details of the stock in your account
  3. View the portfolio of the actual value of the stock in your account based on the market value.
  4. View the details of the transactions in your account
  5. View the details of the shares pledged in your account
  6. Preliminary issuance of securities (IPO / FPO) and online application for purchase of the said shares in case of rightful issuance.
  7. To request the depository member to enter the bank account in the beneficiary account or to change the bank account entered incorrectly.

How To Open a Mero Share Account?

To open a Mero Share account the applicant has to approach the bank, broker, or DP with the Demat number. Applicants can apply for MeroShare through an application form. For the login password of Mero Share, an applicant has to provide all the information including the Demat account. After the Demat account submit the MeroShare application can be downloaded online from the DP service provider or the concerned bank.

MeroShare will be available on the next day of the submission of the application. The Mero Share login details will be sent to the email address provided by the applicant. 50 will be charged for Mero share activation.

To open mero share is very easy nowadays. You can simply create a MeroShare account by using these simple steps:

  1. First, you need to open a Demat account.
  2. Visit the bank where you have to open your Demat account.
  3. Apply a form for CRN number which stands for C-ASBA registration number.
  4. Usually, you receive your CRN number the next day.
  5. Then you go to the MeroShare web portal of CDSC and fill out the form with your email id, phone number with DPID, and client id.
  6. After that, you set a password and PIN which will be required to login into mero share.

How to Change the Mero Share Password?

You should follow these steps to change your Mero Share account password:

How to Change the Mero Share Password

  1. Click on the “Profile” button.
  2. Select the “Change Password” option.
  3. Then enter your old password, then enter a new password.
  4. Finally, just click on the Change Password button to complete the process.

Understanding MeroShare Dashboard?

Mero Share Dashboard

Using MeroShare is not a hard task it is very easy to use. You all need to understand the MeroShare application. After you got understood the basics things in the application it will be easier to use. The basics things you all need to know about the application are as follow:


It provides a summary of all the information on the Share Profile, Total share value, and top 5 share value.

My Details

This section contains the user’s personal information, BOID, name, account holder’s address, and other general information.

My Share

It lists the details of the shares owned by the individual within Lockin, Freeze, and Free Balance. You should always check the free balance before selling the shares.

My Transaction History

It provides stock buying and selling history, bonus shares, rights shares, and merger details.

 My Portfolio

This section contains the share price and total value of yesterday, and today (LTP).

My Bank Request

It contains information about the bank account, branch, and name of the bank. change request Current bank account can also be used to receive dividend


It contains information on currently open IPOs, FPOs, Writes, and Debentures. it also shows Applicable share history as well.

Purchase Source

This part shows the course of receiving. It also has a section for WACC (Weighted Average cost of capital)


This tab is used to approve the listing of the share you are selling and has the facility of share transfer Well.

How To Apply for IPO from Mero Share?

If you want to apply for IPO through Mero Share, you should follow these instructions, which are given below, step by step.

  • Go to
  • Choose a DP (Bank or Capital Institution where you will open your MeroShare and CRN Account).
  • Fill in your username and password.
  • Click on “Login”
  • Please click on the My ASBA button.

How To Apply for IPO from Mero Share

  • Select “Apply”.
  • Complete the required fields such as choosing a bank account, number of shares applicable, etc.
  • Enter the CRN number on the same screen.
  • Then submit the application.
  • Now it will appear that your application has been submitted.

How To Check IPO Result Through Mero Share?

You should follow these steps to check IPO results through MeroShare CDSC: meroshare cdsc com np or ( Let’s move to the process of Mero Share result for IPO allotment.

  • first, Log in to your MeroShare account.
  • The dashboard will appear after you log into your account.
  • After that, go to My ABSA and select Apply for Issue, Current Issue, Application Report, and Old Application Report from the menu.

How To Check IPO Result Through Mero Share

  • On the right side of the company where you applied, click on the application report.
  • When you click on the report, you’ll be taken to a page that describes the status of your application.
  • You’ll be able to see if you’ve been allotted or not allotted for the IPO you applied for.

How To Check IPO Result Through Mero Share

How to sell and transfer shares using Mero Share?

To sell shares in Nepal you must first open a brokerage account. After registering a broker account you should contact your broker on their contact number. You can go to the broker’s office and ask them to place the sell order for you.

For placing sales orders in Nepal, you can also use “TMS” (Trading Management System). It is a tool that allows you to place your buy and sell orders online. After placing your sell order, you will need to check with your broker after some time to see if your stock has been sold. You may also want to change the price. When your scrip is sold, you will receive a text message on your phone informing you of the sale and sale price.

You should follow the given instructions to transfer your shares:

  • On your Meroshare Dashboard,
  • Go to My Purchase Source and click on it.
  • Select the scrip you sold in the scrip text field and click search.
  • When your script appears in the list, click on it to calculate WACC.
  • After calculating the WACC, select “My Purchase Source” from the menu.
  • To calculate your waiting period, select the “Waiting Period” option.
  • Check all the shares you sold as well as the units, and then select the “Calculate” option.
  • After calculating the holding period, go to the menu and select “My Adis”.
  • Under this, you will see three tabs: Transfer Request Report, Transfer Share, and No Delivery Trade. Select “Transfer Share” from the menu.
  • After selecting the scrip you want to transfer, click on “Transfer”.

What I will do if your MeroShare account is Expired?

If your MeroShare account has come to the end of its validity period, you will have to Renew your Mero Share. For renewal, you need to pay Rs 50 as an annual fee through multiple wallets like eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay, Connect IPS, or by visiting any bank. Remember that your account will not be activated immediately after making a payment; It takes time for your account to be verified by the equity market.

These are the things all of you guys need to know about MeroShare. If you have any problems or queries regarding the MeroShare account you can contact to office or email. Office opening hours are 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Sunday to Thursday) and 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM (Friday).

Here are the contact numbers:

  • 977-1-4216068
  • 1-4240150
  • 1-4260386
  • 1-4260783
  • 1-4263301

You can also email at: [email protected]


Mero Share is a convenient and user-friendly online platform for stock trading in Nepal, offering a range of features such as easy account opening, IPO application, share trading, and more. With Mero Share, investors can access their portfolios anytime, anywhere, and make informed decisions based on real-time market data.

By using Mero Share, investors can enjoy a range of benefits, including lower costs, faster processing times, greater transparency, and more control over their investments. With Mero Share, investors can apply for IPOs, buy and sell shares, transfer ownership, and view their transaction history with ease.

Opening a Mero Share account is a simple and straightforward process, requiring basic information and documentation. Once the account is opened, investors can set up their portfolios and start trading shares in a matter of minutes.

Mero Share provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows investors to monitor their portfolios, view real-time market data, track their holdings, and access a range of tools and resources for informed decision-making. By understanding the Mero Share dashboard, investors can make the most of the platform’s features and maximize their returns.

Investors can also apply for IPOs and check their results through Mero Share, making the process faster, more transparent, and more convenient. With Mero Share, investors can view their allotment status and transfer funds directly from their accounts, without the need for physical forms or visits to the registrar’s office.

Finally, Mero Share also allows investors to sell and transfer shares with ease, ensuring a hassle-free experience and greater flexibility in managing their investments. If your Mero Share account is expired, simply renew it by following the easy steps on the platform, and continue trading shares with confidence.

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