National Identity Card Nepal [ The Ultimate Guide ]

National Identity Card Nepal

The Department of National Identity Card Nepal and Registration was Established on 2075/06/28 and it is the first legal authority to establish “Personal Incident” work as well as two very popular programs of the Government of Nepal; Under social security, it has been responsible for distributing multi-purpose “national identity card Nepal” to establish “cash flow” and digital identity of individuals.

These three programs run in the identity and interest of the citizens of the country are somehow interrelated and are currently based on technology. Therefore, the three programs, which have been implemented at different times and have been operating in their own way, are being operated as a department based on technology, which is currently occupying a large area, with the task of integrating the offices at different times. National Identity Card Nepal is commonly known as Rashtriya Parichay Patra Nepal

What is National Identity Card Nepal?

A “National Identity Card Nepal” is a digital solution for the identity verification of an individual. As it is a digital feature, it is of great importance in the modern age as it can be interconnected with public service and used for various purposes.

Many countries have the policy to implement it successfully in their country and some countries are even using it successfully. Receiving such a digital identity card by all citizens without any discrimination is to support national inclusion. The Government of Nepal, through its Annual Policy, Program, and Budget Statement of 2066/07, has made arrangements for the use of a biometric smart card with photos so that all Nepali citizens can use it as a national identity card even in elections.

Thereafter the Government of Nepal dated 2067/03/16 As per the decision of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the National ID Management Center has been established on 2067-04-01 as a central body at the departmental level. As per the decision of 2075/06/28, after the amalgamation of the said Central and Central Registration Department, it is operated under the name of Department of National Identity Card and Civil Registration.

” National Identity Card  Nepal Management Strategic Plan 2075 “, ” Registration of Details of Nepali Citizens for National Identity Card Nepal Distribution and Procedure on Distribution of National Identity Card, 2075 “Various decisions by the Council of Ministers and at the ministry level have provided a legal basis.

Before its implementation in all the districts, it has been successfully tested by distributing a national identity card to the citizens of Panchthar district and the employees of Singha Durbar premises in the fiscal year 2075/076 BS. In the Panchthar district, Hon’ble Home Minister Shri Ram Bahadur Thapa formally handed over the National Identity Card to 101-year-old senior citizen Shri Bhagwati Devi Bhandari.

After the distribution in the Panchthar district, the Government of Nepal has now started preparations to expand it across the country in three phases. This program, which is a priority of the government, will be included in the policy and program of the Government of Nepal within the next 4 years. In the budget of 2076/07, it has been announced that the national identity card will be distributed within two years.


Technology-friendly, with Good governance, and strong service flow in Nepal, the Multi-purpose national identity card is our identity

Slogan Of National Identity Card Nepal


To promote quality public service and peace, security, and good governance through national identity card and incident registration, and social security management information system.

Mission Of Mission Of National id card Nepal


  • To prepare necessary infrastructure for providing national identity card in Nepal.
  • To provide a separate identification number for the personal identification of the person.
  • To prepare and distribute multi-purpose national identity card in Nepal with biological identity.
  • To include the personal details of all the people living in Nepal in the national database
  • To develop a system with the provision of services to the people to be obtained from a single identity card through an integrated system
  • To provide identity card to non-resident Nepalis and foreign nationals as required

How To Apply Online Registration Form for National Identity Card Nepal?

Step 1: First Visit the official Website Department of National ID and Civil Registration Click Here

Step 2: Now scroll down and you can see an option called Online application for National Identity Card, click on that. or Click Here

Step 2 image

Step 3: Then you can see there are 2 options in NID Pre-Enrollment System

  • Login For Individuals
  • Login For Service Providers

step 3 image

Note: If you are an individual click on the first option “Login for Individuals or If you are the service provider then “login for Service Provider

Step 4: Then you need to enter the mobile number they will send you a four-digit OTP on your mobile, you should enter that OTP and click on ” New Enrollment “

Step 5: Then you need to Fill up the form with your personal information

National Identity Card Nepal Online Registration Form
National Identity Card Nepal Online Registration Form

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