Bungkot Postal code: Nepal

Bungkot Postal Code is 34002. Postal Code is also known as Zip Code or Pin Code. Bungkot is located in Gorkha district, Gandaki Province, Nepal.

Postal Code of Bungkot Details

Listed below are the postal code and other details of Bungkot post office situated in Gorkha district of Nepal.

Post Office NameBungkot
Postal Code34002
Post Office TypeA.P.O.
ProvinceGandaki Province

The postal code of Bungkot is 34002. This 5-digit number is used to identify the location of Bungkot for mailing and delivery purposes. The Bungkot postal code is important because it helps ensure that mail and packages are delivered to the correct addresses.

Nepal postal codes are assigned for specific places based on their geographical location. The first two digits of a postal code indicate the district, while the last three digits indicate the specific location within that district.

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