CTEVT Gandaki Province

CTEVT Gandaki Province, Province Office (GPPO) was established in 2019 (2075 BS) as a contact and coordination office of the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) in Gandaki Province after the nation implemented federalism. The development of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the Province is coordinated by GPPO with the Ministry of Social Development, a provincial line ministry for education. It serves as a provisional office in the province acting as a bridge between the Province Government and CTEVT focusing mainly on TVET sector reform.

The GPPO monitors and regulates the admission, registration, examination, and result-publishing procedures at all TECS, affiliated, and partner schools. GPPO also coordinates and keeps an eye on the province’s skill-based short-term training and skill assessment programs run by NSTB. It acts as a facilitator, coordinator, and harbinger for the overall enhancement of TVET within the province. CTEVT Gandaki Province’s official website is https://ctevtgandaki.org.np/. Check the CTEVT Gandaki Province exam notice, latest vacancy, result, recommendation, online application, syllabus, news, etc.

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