Is Uzzu TV legit? And How To Watch Uzzu TV on Roku?

Uzzu TV

Uzzu TV is a brand name for its low-cost streaming platform, and it provides original programming via the Internet Protocol network. Users get to watch HD quality shows here on free and premium plans. Uzzu TV is famous mainly among sports lovers who love to watch athletic content. Streaming apps like its offer users a wide range of sports content libraries.

However, it is paid, and unlimited content can be streamed with a subscription. It allows you to watch programs or content online without being interrupted by ads, and it is transmitted via the Internet.

What Is Uzzu Tv?

Uzzu TV is a streaming service that is famous for its budget-friendly subscription plans. It also acts as a television content provider on the Internet Protocol network. Basically, it is an IPTV provider that allows you to watch live games of NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and many other sporting events. It also has over 61 other channels where you can watch more content.

Is Uzzu TV legit?

According to, Uzzu tv seems legit and safe to use and is not a scam website. Uzzu tv reviews are positive. The positive confidence score is based on an automated analysis of 40 different data sources that we tested online, such as the technology used, company location, other websites found on the same web server, and so on.

Websites that score 80% or more are generally safe to use and 100% very secure.

Is Uzzu TV Available on Roku?

No. Uzzu TV isn’t officially available on Roku because you can’t watch the Uzzu TV app on the Roku Store. Trying other tricks can be a waste of time as there is only one easy way to watch Uzzu TV on Roku. It is not officially available on Roku, but you can watch it using screencasting.

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How to watch Uzzu TV on Roku?

There is only one way to watch Uzzu TV on Roku. Casting the screen from a device (smartphone or computer) to your Roku TV.

These are the ways to watch Uzzu TV on Roku:

  • Add Uzzu to Roku as Private Channel
  • screen mirroring
  • web video caster app
  • ios IPTV method

How To Add Uzzu to Roku as Private Channel?

To get Uzzu TV on your Roku device, you’ll need to add it as a private channel. Please do the following to get our private channel.

  1. Delete the current Uzzu app (if you have it).
  2. Go to on your computer or smartphone.
  3. If prompted, sign in to your Roku account. (Make sure you’re also using this email on your Roku device)
  4. Open this link:
  5. Click on the Add Channel button
  6. Accept the warning message.
  7. Finally, go to your Roku device and select Settings > System > System Update > Check Now.
  8. Go back to your app list and click “Uzzu” to Watch the game.

How to Cast Uzzu TV to Roku Using Screen Mirroring?

To cast Uzzu TV to Roku, all you need to do is download the Uzzu app on your device (smartphone or computer) and enable the screen mirroring feature in your Roku TV settings. How do you enable screen mirroring on Roku TV? To enable Screen Mirroring feature in Roku, follow this procedure:

  1. Connect your Roku TV and smartphone or computer to a Wi-Fi network for Uzzu.
  2. Connect the Roku Media Player to the HDMI port on the back of the TV.
  3. Sign in to Roku and go to Settings (use the Home button and select Settings)
  4. Check the dropdown menu and click on System.
  5. Select Screen Mirroring and save.
  6. You should see the Screen Mirroring Mode option displayed. Select the option and select “Always allow”. There are three options; Always allow, never allow and prompt. You are selecting Prompt which means you want the device to ask permission before allowing any device to cast screen. You can choose to identify certain devices as allowed or blocked, and they will be handled automatically.
  7. After doing that, launch the Uzzu TV app on your smartphone or computer.

How to Cast Uzzu TV to Roku Using Web Video Caster App?

To watch Uzzu TV on Roku using Web Video Caster, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Play StoreStorepp store for iOS
  2. Using the Search tab, type “web video caster”
  3. Download the app and install it on your device
  4. Launch the Web Video Caster app and click on Menu
  5. Choose IPTV from all the options displayed
  6. Click on the plus icon and paste your UJU TV M3U URL into the Address tab. To get your URL, replace “email address” in the
  7. following URL with your Uzzu TV email;
  8. Follow the instructions, save and add to the IPTV channel list.
  9. Next, enable the Screen Mirroring feature on the Roku settings (see instructions above).
  10. Click on Cast. The Cast icon resembles the WiFi icon fixed on the TV.
  11. After doing this you will be able to watch Uzzu Tv on Roku. The above instructions work well for Android devices. If you’re using an iOS device, enable AirPlay using the Apple Airplay Homekit in your Roku settings.
  12. Plus, connect your smartphone and Roku device to the same network, and you can cast Uzzu to Roku.

How to Cast Uzzu TV to Roku Using iOS IPTV App?

This only works for iOS users and is a working way to cast Uzzu TV to Roku. To use the IPTV app on iPhone to cast your Uzzu TV screen to Roku, follow the procedure described below:

  • Go to the apple app store
  • Using the Search tab, type “GSE Smart IPTV” and search.
  • Download this app and install it on your iOS device.
  • Launch GSE Smart IPTV App on your smartphone and click on the Menu bar. Note that lifetime access to this app costs a few dollars.
  • In the dropdown menu, find and click “Remote Playlist”.
  • As in the Web Video Caster app, click on the plus icon and paste your Uzzu TV M3U URL in the Address tab. To get your own URL, replace the “email address” in the following URL with your Uzzu TV email;
  • Follow the instructions, save and add to the remote channel list.
  • Now go to Remote Playlist, and you will see your newly added Uzzu TV Playlist.
  • Go to Control Center and click on Screen Mirroring.
  • Then enable the Screen Mirroring feature in Roku Settings. For iOS devices, use AUseAirplay Homekit in your Roku settings to enable AirPlay. Plus, connect your smartphone and Roku device to the same network, and you can successfully cast Uzzu to Roku.

Available channel list on Uzzu TV.

We will list them all and group the channels to avoid making them ambiguous. Given below is the list of channels available on Uzzu TV:

Fox Sports Channel

There are various Fox Sports channels on Uzzu TV, and some of them are; Fox Sports Detroit, Fox Sports Arizona, Fox Sports Ohio, Fox Sports Oklahoma, Fox Sports Carolinas, Fox Sports Prime Ticket, Fox Sports San Diego, Fox Sports South, Fox Sports Southeast, Fox Sports Southwest, Fox Sports Sun, Fox Sports West, Fox Sports Wisconsin, Fox Sports Yes, Fox Sportstime Ohio, Fox Sports India and a few others.

There are approximately twenty-three Fox Sports channels in total on Uzzu TV.

NBC Channel

Some of the available NBC channels are NBC Sports Bay Area, NBC Sports Area+, NBC Sports Boston, NBC Sports Philadelphia, NBC Sports Chicago, and others.

Many other sports channels could not be easily grouped. some of them are

Red Zone, MASN, AT&T, NBA TV, Altitude Sports, ESPN, Altitude Sports, BTN Network, Hall Mark Channels (Hallmark Movies, Hall Mark Drama, and others), CNN, Showtime EAST, TSN channels, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, History Channel, Cartoon Network, Willow Cricket, SuperSport, Premier Sports, Golf Channel, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Is Uzzu TV Free?

No, Uzzu TV is not free. Various affordable subscription plans are available for the users to activate and stream quality sports channels. There is a free plan on Ujju TV that allows access to certain channels for users who do not wish to pay the subscription fee. Users have to pay to watch premium channels.

Is Uzzu TV App Available on Google Play?

Uzzu TV is not available on any Play Store; however, users can access it through third-party applications; For more information, check out the above-mentioned article about Ujju TV on streaming services.


It is a TV service provider tool that provides NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB channels. Also, the user can enjoy the moment by watching various games via FireStick, Laptop, Mobile, Xbox, Roku, etc. Here, you can watch over 61 premium channels from any region and at any time.

Uzzu TV on Roku is a dream channel for every sports lover because you won’t miss a game. It offers a free trial but you have to buy the premium version to access all the content and that too in 1080p resolution. I hope this tutorial is helpful and if you have any queries you can ask us via the comment section.

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